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Friday, January 27, 2012

27 January --Revo. Memories

Like Today , one year ago was My sister -Katb kitab- yea The Day before The Anger Friday =D it was in Salah Salem , Police mosque 7pm & we was afraid to not reach the place in the time , but what we didn't put in our minds that 50% of the people who was suppose to come , didn't came actually coz of the demonstration all over the Country that day 

also that day they start to shut Down Mobile Network by Disabling sms service & slow down Internet 

When i back home I found Vodafone store in my street closed early & put sign saying "closed for maintenance " & I looked to my friend & we knew that something gonna happen next day 
That day also Haram Street was blocking by people chanting against Mubarak Regime 

But in that day me & My friends expected that the Army gonna get down 2 streets in the Morning & they will announce Martial law & Curfew ...

we expected many things gonna happen , but we didn't expected what happened the Other days 

Gonna Continue Tomorrow

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