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Monday, January 16, 2012

خمسة وعشرون عاما من العطاء

العنوان ده بيفكرنى بخطب المخلوع زمان

او لما يجوا يفتحوا مصنع  ولا يحتفلوا بالمئوية بتاعته

ما علينا 
حبيت ان البوست بتاع عيد ميلادى يكون متميز شوية 

ده وانا عندى كام شهر مش فاكر والله

طبعا انا بفضح فى نفسى علنى كده ...بس يلا اهى نكررها فى الخمسين مع عيالى ان شاء الله - لو جم اصلا - =D

That was My First year birthday party , actually it was awesome , i can't remember what happened , Bs akeed ana knt gamid Ta7rir =D 

B3deen dy w ana f KG I guess 2 or something like that =D

This my school till e3dady kida 

Then i went to another one in Secondry was near to Elharam zat nafso =D 

This pic was in 90's was in Alexandria my lovely City wish i live there especially in winter , This year they had Snow & Many penguins was there & polar i think =P 

any way  I stayed there for a whole year My dad was working there for 2 years & we stayed with him for a while It was The best Time ever in my life , when you walk in the street & suddenly you find all ur self wet coz of Sea waves 

Mknshy feah masdat w el technology beta3it nowadays ! 

Any way ,,,, 

What i Tried to tell my self about & You Guys ( Guys hena bet3ood 3la bnat & welad =D ) 

Life is Like Train , But your The Driver , sometimes You choose 2 stop in station & Take a rest for a while , & sometimes You Choose To Continue Your path without stopping 

may be you will lose Cars , people will jump from your Train , another gonna Run To Catch it , It depend who gonna do that , you have to Figure it , Don't ask Help , It's your Matter =) 

Yesterday i Regret many things i did , bad or Good , But today Totally  I Enjoyed Every tiny Second in my life , Really i do Despite what i did or people hurt Me or made something good 2 me , But i loved what i did actually =) 

Another advice , Socialize ya Gd3aaan , a3'lb el nas 2afla 3la ro7ha w bykt2bo kol, yom w yeshko hamho , O5rgo w shofo nas gdeeda , enzlo e3mlo ay 7aga , 2a3dt el beet di 5ara bel kozbara actually !! 


about My dreams for this year 

get serious work
Find ma girl =D 
Kill someone else ^^ 
get my Ride b2aaaaaa( 3beeen abo el mwaslat w 2rfha )

& for any 1 still Young as i said be4 you Reach 25 Enjoy ur Life as much as u can , fuck Study or college or even ur School , Enjoy ya 3m , Bokra tet5arg w yetl3o ****** Ahlk w t2ol ya reet elly gara ma kan 

in The End 

Happy birthday 2 me Cha-cha-cha 



Antika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antika said...

haha :D
yes we had snow :P .. but penguins were us walking in the rain :D ..
btw, I like what you said about the train (Y)

May Allah grant you happiness in your new year :)
cha cha cha :D

Mohamed Amer said...

كل سنه وانت طيب
وعقبال 25000سنه ان شاء الله

koukawy said...

كل سنه و انت طيب ... و السنه الجايه تبقي اسفح من السنه دي

Sarah .. said...

مفيش أمل ان عنوان البوست يتغير ! .. صوته بيرن فى ودانى :D

جميل استرجاعك لذكريات طفولتك والسنين اللى فاتت .. عشان دايما نفتكر ان فيه أيام حلوة .

تفائل خير وان شاء الله توصل لكل اللى بتتمناه

كل سنة وانت كويس ..
وعقبال اليوبيل الدهبى .. :)

بـت خـيـخـة وأي كـلام said...

كل سنة وانت طيب يا ... سفاح

ربنا يباركلك فى عمرك اللي جاي ان شاء الله


اختك خيخة

safa7_karmooz said...

اناالحمد الله عملت اول حاجتين فوق :)