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Monday, March 01, 2010

Life Tips - 2 -

Love, relationships, commitment, sacrifice, jealousy, caring about your partner’s feelings, trying to make things ideal ... Not a good thing all the time

Just put in your Mind that love include Tears as it include laughs
& that's not bad at all
It's Our life that we want to make it perfect every day


Selfmeaning said...

yup, it means that love makes us live the both sides of a coin

Silver Eyes said...

every one of us trying 2 make his life a perfect & ideal one from his own point of view .. maybe it becomes true one day :)

the power of life & love lies in it's weakness .. it's our life :)

nice tip by the way

safa7_karmooz said...

thx for u both comment :)

my best friends :)

دهاء سياسي said...


well, actually love includes tears more than joy or laughter .. but you know it's the life as you said besides we accept it as it is and yet we are satisfied with its pain :)

Sometimes said...

بس نعمل ايه لو عايزينه على طول جميل
مع ان دوام الحال من المحال