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Thursday, May 24, 2012

الخميس السرى 53

Hey every one , how's every thing goin'?! 

Okay Our weekly Meeting 

Secret Thursday ..

Come & tell us a secret Or wanna say any thing randomly 

by your own account or you would like to be anonymous 

Have a great Weekend =)  


Anonymous said...

من بعد مااتجوزنا وانا حاسه ان حياتنا اتقلبت عادي ممله وروتينيه
مبقتش نفس اللهفه ونفس الحب بتاع زمان
عايشين عشان متجوزين بس
نسينا ان كنا حبايب
مش عارفه مبقتش بحس انك بتحبني زي الاول
مبقتش بسمع الكلام الحلو بتاع زمان
مبقتش بتحضني غير لما بطلب منك
تعبت اوي تعبت بجد من كل حاجه هنا
نفسي اعيش في بيت لوحدنا انا وانت بس
بعيد عن بيت العيله والقرف هنا

Anonymous said...

maybe i have the most repeated problem that life decided to tell us :"i`m stupid enough to give the same problem to you all !! "

follow your heart or listen to your brain !!
that`s it :(

i`m in love with someone (i`m deeply in love truly )
i didn`t fall before and i`m some how believe on Soul-mates and Spirituality stuff and i met him and i knew he is the one ...

after 3 months the way that he used to treat me changed and he turn to use the ignorance way ...

i respect his feeling and told my self that maybe he didn`t love me , and i sent him msg to told him not to feel guilty and i won`t prefer that he be with me if he won`t

after that he tries to contact me again , send msgs visit me on my work and told me love stuff and he couldn`t live without me i couldn`t describe how much happy i was when he told me that ...

we started from again ...

and after 2 months he changed again and send me msg that he had cancer and couldn `t be with me anymore

you won`t understand how bad the situation was :((

i knew that he had cancer from 7 months , i`m with him
sometimes he left me long times ,
he annoying me by his relation with another girls

he told me that they are his friend ,
sometimes i didn`t believe but you know i couldn`t say nothing cuz i know he is a sick man ,

my mom never believed that he had cancer

sometimes i don`t believe too !!

i just think he need me to be near and don`t need any relationships constraint`s

i`m boring that i couldn`t feel safe , i accept him with his sickness but i`m afraid that he lied :(

don`t know what do really :|(

باسنت خطاب said...

الخميس السرى .. طب انا جاية الجمعه الصبح ينفع ؟؟ :D

مفتقدة احساس انى عايزة ايه من حياتى عارف لما كل السطور وانت بتكتب انت عارف انها موجودة بس نظرك ضعيف فالسطور بتترقص قجامك مش عارف تكتب ؟؟

هى دى حالتى بالظبط
كل حاجة قدامى بتترقص !

safa7_karmooz said...

عادى الجمعه ماشى يا باسنت ...ده من الخميس بتاع الاسبوع اللى فات اصلا :D

safa7_karmooz said...

@ Anonymous :

i don't know what to say actually , but sometimes love need Sacrifices , but also you have to ask your heart if he's the last Man on the earth ? or he deserve your trust & staying beside him all this time ?! What i'm talking about here if he worth it or not ?! your time your feelings your every thing you give him in this relation , you have to ask your self that , if he worth it , okay sit & talk with him about this relation & sorry there's no excuse if i was sick to do many things annoy my beloved or whatever ..

Just think about this wisely .. =)

Anonymous said...

you didn`t write a new post for that Thursday i`m here again ! =D

you know .. i need to forget everything about him ...

you told me to think wisely and i knew now we have no "Tomorrow" with each other ...

last week he send me msgs 3 times and no more ..
and when i told him why he didn`t send he told me he had alot of work

but honestly i`m thinking of him 48/24 hours i had my work too
and i think if he love me as much as i love him he will always remembering me no matter how bus he was !!

or that`s how man deal with their lovers ... honestly i fell mess around me ..

need a second to think about anything but not him ....

i love him badly that`s it //

thanks cuz you`re here !

safa7_karmooz said...

Sorry for not posting the episode of this week but i was & still too busy with my exams every Thursday =)

about him .. let me tell you something , if he love you truly he will find time for you , it's fact & i tried that before, sometimes we say sorry for other people we are too busy to meet or talk even , but with the other "special" persons we always free to talk , go out & listen even :)

it's your life , you can accept my advice or nope , but as i said before i tried that situation to have daily excuses, always busy to meet , & then i realized that's wasn't "true" love .. i don't know then i went away , yea she hate me & don't like to hear my name till now , but if i continued the path with her while "lie" on her which is so easy & i'll not lose anything , but i walked away ..

so Ummm i don't know what to say , but maybe you'll find someone Special for you , the true one who value you right :) & will not be busy :)

Feel free to come here any time :)