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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bad Luck ?!!

What people do to avoid bad luck around the world?
Despite the multiplicity of Countries and different nationalities and cultures, but there is some thing all the people around the world agree on it …BAD LUCK
There are many beliefs about bad luck & what u must do to avoid it ….

Like in Egypt people here have a very strange belief that inside the cat stomach there’s a “Sheikh” sleep & live in it…so if u make bad thing to a cat …you will face A very bad luck in your life till you make some thing remove it…& there’s a very famous example our writer “ehsan abd el kudos” said that there’s a neighbor killed a cat once…he lost his job & his sister no one come to marry her & he turned from rich to poor man …so he is feeding 12 cat by his hand Nowadays.  
Another thing in Egypt people put around them neck a blue bead because they believe it protect & keep envy away from them.

In USA if u in very High-class restaurant u see some one behind you through salt on his/her left shoulder…they say it make bad luck go away …but if you really have bad luck …may be you will find all your back full of this salt that lady through it :D
Something else all the people on the earth agreed upon that if u see a black cat…or it pass in front of you your day will be miserable …or if you walk under a ladder you will face bad luck
A very funny thing in Japan, many hotels canceled room number 13 because they believe it bring bad luck on them...Also in Egypt people afraid to do anything if today is Friday 13 because something bad will happen if you go out your home …
Finally something I find it so funny that my birth was in 13 January but I don’t think my parents face bad luck this day when I came to the world ;)   

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