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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ezz World ..

Yesterday my friend Mohamed Ezz Aldin Published His web site Finally , You Can Find all his amazing Shots , also you can ask him about price package for weddings , pre-weddings & Portrait sessions if you want ..

any way I'm not saying that because he's my Friend , but you have to watch his work then you can judge it & say if he Deserve that or nope :) 

you Can visit his website from Here :


Ramy said...

Congratulations on the website

I'll go looking around

Ramy said...

صور جميلة جداً

أنا خدت فكرة سريعة

بس هففصه (:

حَـبآيـۃْ.بـטּـدۉڷ said...

جَميلْ جداً

eZz said...

I just saw this post.. ashkorak gedan ya Gemy :)