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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes ...

Sometimes when we grow up & Reach 24 , we still act like we are 18 !!
But we don't realize that , cause no one Told us to take care or something !! 


Sometimes we need space to Explode & letting everything inside us to go away , 
But we always do that in someone face & become Guilty for That !! 


Sometimes we shout or saying "oufff" because one of our parents annoying us in something , 
But when we will get old more & more & Tell our childrens something they will do the same , 
But the difference here we will Remember what we did or even said !!


Sometimes we need to go away , far of any one we know , 
But we Realize they will not care or ask about us again !!


Sometimes you just want to give up & Stay in your place, 
But you have to continue your Road to Reach what you want !! 


This Time ..I can't Move Forward anymore , I'm weak,Hopeless & Frustrated  ,
But I have to Continue I don't know how or why But i will do it !!!! 


مش عاوز شفقة من اى حد مهما كان 


riri said...

ماشاء الله

Ramy said...

You are right

my friend

حَـبآيـۃْ.بـטּـدۉڷ said...

But we Realize they will not care or ask about us again !!

البُوستْ دَه كِده إزايْ ؟
يِمكن بِنفكرْ إننا مش هنهتمْ بكل ده
وإنْ كُل دَه حَاجات عالهَامشْ !

بَس بنخُون قرآرتنا ونطلَع بنِهتمْ جداً

عَلى فِكرَه سِن الـ24
مُمكن تِعمل فِيه حاجات مَكنتش تِقدرْ
تعملها وإنت فـ الـ18

إستَمتــعْ ..

safa7_karmooz said...

:) :)